Chromebooks helpen de leerlingen van Christelijke Scholengroep De Waard de vaardigheden van de 21ste eeuw te leren

Using Chromebooks, we’ve created a school system that paves the way for the future.

Tejo Vink, Director of Upper-School Education, CSG De Waard


Before the organisation began using Chromebooks, each school had a single server and network, and each classroom had two PCs. These were managed by a third party, which was expensive, and CSG De Waard wanted more pupils to have access to more computers and more flexible IT. It therefore began reviewing the available options.


Upper-School Education Director Tejo Vink was familiar with G Suite, and kept a close eye on developments in the IT world via Internet forums. He and a number of his colleagues attended meetings on digital education and spoke to experts on the subject. Eventually they chose a new system, which they now refer to as “Internet school”. They bought just over 500 Chromebooks for the 17 educational establishments, and all the staff have since made G Suite an essential part of their teaching. “They weren’t familiar with things like document sharing and the idea of being able to log in from home,” Vink says. “But we held two training days, which were a huge help. We use Google Drive as a central platform, and we’ve also started using Hangouts for chat and video conferencing.”