A new generation of devices for education

Chromebooks are versatile devices with dynamic content, built-in G Suite and simple cloud management.

Starting at £140.

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Starting at £140, Chromebooks are the easiest devices to set up and manage — lowering total ownership costs with time, administration and durability.


Chromebooks come in a range of shapes, sizes and price points — now with convertible, touch, stylus, and world-facing camera.

Perfect for sharing

Chromebooks were built to be shared with multiple students. Pick up any device and sign in for a totally personalized, secure learning experience.

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Chromebook vs PC

lower total cost of ownership
Total cost of other devices over 3 years: $1,507/device

Total cost of Chromebooks over 3 years: $588/device


less time to deploy
Setup time for other devices: 1.8 hours/device

Setup time for Chromebooks: 7 minutes/device


less labour to support
Time taken to manage other devices per year: 4.3 hours/device

Time taken to manage Chromebooks per year: 1.4 hours/device


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Chromebooks start at £140, with management and support for £19.
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with management and support for £19

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Manage 10 or 10,000 Chromebooks easily

A Chromebook management licence gives you access to the web-based management console. From there, you can configure and manage Chromebooks across a school, district or country.

Create user groups

Apply policies, apps and settings to different sets of users. Group students by year group or subject. Separate students and teaching staff.

Pre-install and block apps

Blacklist, whitelist or pre-install apps, extensions and URLs.

Track assets

Assign devices to specific students and members of staff and receive configuration and usage reports.

Manage user access

Control who uses your Chrome devices: prevent outside users from logging in, disable Guest Mode or designate specific types of users for your devices.

Configure network access

Set network and proxy settings to make it easy for users to get up and running and ensure that they're protected by web filters and firewalls.

Customise user features

Modify user settings such as bookmark and app sync across computers and show some school spirit on your devices with customised Chrome desktop themes.

Hassles not included

Chromebooks come with 24/7 support directly from Google, automatic updates and multiple layers of security. So students and teachers can do more and worry less.

No waiting

Chromebooks boot up in less than 10 seconds and resume instantly. Unlike other computers, Chromebooks avoid the bloat of old software and don’t slow down over time.

No maintenance

With automatic updates, Chromebooks download and install security and software updates so you don’t have to. No more hours wasted on installing patches.

No worries

Chromebooks have multiple layers of security to keep them safe from viruses and malware without any additional security software. With Google Drive, all files are backed up online, safely and securely, even if the Chromebook accidentally takes a swim.

Share with an unlimited number of students

Even when Chromebooks are shared between classes, each student has a completely personalised learning experience, including access to his or her own classwork, apps, books and videos.

Multiple profiles, made easy

Multiple logins allow you to share your Chromebook easily and securely with classmates, friends and family. Everyone has their own personalised apps, settings and bookmarks when they log in.

Guests welcomed

Guest Mode allows others to use a Chromebook without a user account. Guests cannot access any data stored on the Chromebook, and all of their browsing history will be deleted when they finish their session.

Share away

With security built in, students and teachers can share their Chromebook with others without fear of common computer problems such as accidental software installations, malware or altered settings.